“I'll buy what she's #wearing”: The roles of envy toward and parasocial interaction with influencers in Instagram celebrity-based brand endorsement and social commerce

  title={“I'll buy what she's \#wearing”: The roles of envy toward and parasocial interaction with influencers in Instagram celebrity-based brand endorsement and social commerce},
  author={S. Venus Jin and Ehri Ryu},
  journal={Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services},
  • S. JinEhri Ryu
  • Published 1 July 2020
  • Business
  • Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

The role of customer brand engagement in the use of Instagram as a “shop window” for fashion-industry social commerce

PurposeThe purpose of this paper is to analyze how fashion consumers behave when they make purchases using social media platforms – specifically, Instagram. In particular, the work examines the role

Gender effects in influencer marketing: an experimental study on the efficacy of endorsements by same- vs. other-gender social media influencers on Instagram

Abstract Women largely dominate the influencer business, and previous studies often either have focused on female social media influencers, or else matched the influencer’s gender with the

“A Streetcar Named Instagram Desire”: Evolutionary Psychological Perspectives on the Multifarious Human Desires That Shape Instagram Selfie-and-Groupfie Cultures

Instagram not only offers an arena for the fulfillment of basic human desires but also cultivates new types of multifaceted desires and consumptions in Web 2.0 environments. This study aims to

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Parasocial Communication via Social Media Influences on Risk Behavior

Frequently people we interact with on social media influence decisions we make in daily life. This study explored the connection between parasocial interaction and imitative buying intentions in blog

Influencers' smiles work regardless of product and message

PurposeThe purpose of this paper is to examine how influencers' visual content affects consumer attitudinal and behavioral responses to influencer advertising. The proposed model includes smile

Materialism's Influence on Unsustainable Consumption Across Social Networking Sites: A Systematic Review

Research have revealed that consumers increasingly rely on information accessed through social networking sites as a guide for planning their future purchases. Furthermore, social networking sites

The Celebrity Family Endorsement on Instagram Product Advertisement (Case: The Hermansyah)

The main purpose of this study is to analyze the consumer’s perception of single celebrity endorsement and celebrity family endorsement in the context of Instagram advertising. Instagram is selected

Understanding How Product Reviews on YouTube Affect Consumers’ Purchase Behaviors in Indonesia: An Exploration Using the Stimulus-Organism-Response Paradigm

Product reviews on YouTube have become highly beneficial to consumers’ decision-making, as they can help consumers judge and experience products before making purchases. Consequently, scholars and



Instafamous and social media influencer marketing

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to test the effects of two types of celebrities (Instagram celebrity vs traditional celebrity) on source trustworthiness, brand attitude, envy and social

Interactive Effects of Instagram Foodies' Hashtagged #Foodporn and Peer Users' Eating Disorder on Eating Intention, Envy, Parasocial Interaction, and Online Friendship

  • S. V. Jin
  • Psychology
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 2018
The results showed main effects of an Instagram foodie's body shape on peer users' eating intention, and moderating effects of users' self-esteem, body mass index, perfectionism, anorexia, and bulimia nervosa.

A passion for fashion: The impact of social influence, vanity and exhibitionism on consumer behaviour

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore the effect of social influence and individual vanity on passion for fashion of clothes and accessories and the mediating role of exhibitionist

Materialism, Attitudes, and Social Media Usage and Their Impact on Purchase Intention of Luxury Fashion Goods Among American and Arab Young Generations

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Foursquare provide consumers with tremendous opportunities to create and disseminate brand-related content and product usage information

Silver lining of envy on social media? The relationships between post content, envy type, and purchase intentions

Although there was no main effect of purchase type on envy type, both experiential purchases and phrasings were less likely to be perceived as showing off, and therefore triggered less malicious envy.