“I’m Paying, So I Decide”

  title={“I’m Paying, So I Decide”},
  author={Lubom{\'i}r Kope{\vc}ek},
  journal={East European Politics \& Societies and Cultures},
  pages={725 - 749}
  • Lubomír Kopeček
  • Published 2016
  • Sociology
  • East European Politics & Societies and Cultures
Business-firm parties founded on the initiative of a political entrepreneur are a phenomenon of growing importance in contemporary party politics. In practice, these are either commercial companies, whose structure is used for a political project, or new and separate organisations constructed on business principles. This article examines the case of Czech party ANO (“YES”), established by the owner of the Agrofert holding company Andrej Babiš. The party achieved remarkable success in the 2013… Expand

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