“Golden Oldie”: On the Singularities of a Riemannian Manifold

  title={“Golden Oldie”: On the Singularities of a Riemannian Manifold},
  author={Gy. Szekeres},
  journal={General Relativity and Gravitation},
  • G. Szekeres
  • Published 1 November 2002
  • Mathematics
  • General Relativity and Gravitation

Hartle-Hawking state in the real-time formalism

We study self-interacting massive scalar field theory in static spacetimes with a bifurcate Killing horizon and a wedge reflection. In this theory the Hartle-Hawking state is defined to have the N

Schwarzschild geometry counterpart in semiclassical gravity

We investigate the effects of vacuum polarization on vacuum static spherically symmetric spacetimes. We start from the Polyakov approximation to the renormalized stress-energy tensor (RSET) of a

The Schwarzschild Metric

A basic black-hole solution of the Einstein equations is the Schwarzschild metric. The aim of this chapter is to introduce the reader to its geometry.

George Szekeres 1911–2005

George Szekeres was a distinguished Hungarian-Australian mathematician, who worked in many different areas of mathematics, and with many collaborators. He was born in Budapest in 1911. His youth

On Local Characterization Results in Geometry and Gravitation

An important problem in differential geometry and in gravitation is to identify metrics in a fully coordinate independent manner. In fact, the very foundation of Riemannian geometry is based on the

Martin David Kruskal. 28 September 1925—26 December 2006

Martin David Kruskal was one of the most versatile theoretical physicists of his generation and is distinguished for his enduring work in several different areas, most notably plasma physics, a

A novel quantum-mechanical interpretation of the Dirac equation

A novel interpretation is given of Dirac’s ‘wave equation for the relativistic electron’ as a quantum-mechanical one-particle equation. In this interpretation the electron and the positron are merely

Perfect fluid metrics conformal to the Schwarzschild exterior spacetime

We construct perfect fluid spacetimes by performing a conformal transformation on a non-conformally flat vacuum solution, namely the Schwarzschild exterior metric. It should be noted that conformally

Embeddings and time evolution of the Schwarzschild wormhole

It is shown how to embed spacelike slices of the Schwarzschild wormhole (or Einstein-Rosen bridge) in R3, including depictions of the dynamics of this nontraversable wormhole at constant Kruskal times up to and beyond the “pinching off” at KruskAl times ±1.

The Behaviour of Test Particles in the Vicinity of a Stationary Black Hole

Studying general relativity, with spacetime as a curved four-dimensional pseudo-Riemannianspace, much of ones physical intuition is lost. Furthermore, there no longer existsany canonical way to



The mathematical theory of relativity

Introduction 1. Elementary principles 2. The tensor calculus 3. The law of gravitation 4. Relativity mechanics 5. Curvature of space and time 6. Electricity 7. World geometry Supplementary notes