“Gangnam Style” as Format: When a Localized Korean Song Meets a Global Audience

  title={“Gangnam Style” as Format: When a Localized Korean Song Meets a Global Audience},
  author={Claire Seungeun Lee and Yasue Kuwahara},
K-pop refers to the current popular music of South Korea, but it expands its scope to include Korean popular music anywhere else in the world.1 K-pop stars that one can see abroad are either handsome or beautiful young people or excellent singers. Based on this criterion, one would not expect PSY to be a star because he is not particularly handsome. Neither does he have any exceptional vocal ability although he does have his own unique style. Thus, his rise to fame globally since his debut in… 

Global Imagination of K-Pop: Pop Music Fans’ Lived Experiences of Cultural Hybridity

Abstract Drawing on qualitative interviews with Canada-based K-pop (contemporary South Korean “idol pop” music) fans, this study discusses how transnational fans experience and interpret K-pop as a

The social mediascape of transnational Korean pop culture: Hallyu 2.0 as spreadable media practice

The social mediascape of hallyu reveals that the technological affordances of social media platforms and fans’ sociality interplay with each other, resulting in the rapid spread ofhallyu as a set of impure cultural forms.

Korean Wave| Cultural Translation of K-Pop Among Asian Canadian Fans

Drawing on qualitative interview data, this study examines the cultural translation of K-pop in Canada. By focusing on Canadian youth of Asian descent, who are relatively marginalized in the dominant

The Korean Wave in the Middle East: Past and Present

  • Mohamed Elaskary
  • Sociology
    Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity
  • 2018
The Korean Wave—otherwise known as Hallyu or Neo-Hallyu—has a particularly strong influence on the Middle East but scholarly attention has not reflected this occurrence. In this article I provide a

The cultural shareability of Korean popular media in India: A reflexive thematic analysis of BTS music videos

In this article, the BTS phenomenon in India was examined by looking closely at the music of this South Korean band. A reflexive thematic analysis was performed on five BTS music videos followed by

The Gangnam Style Phenomenon as a Global Manifestation of Hybridity

This article explores the parody videos generated around the world in response to the hit song Gangnam Style as a way of viewing the progression of cultural globalization and hybridity in this era of



Asianizing K‐pop: production, consumption and identification patterns among Thai youth

Abstract ‘Asian Pop’ cultural products, which include a wide range of media artifacts such as film, music, television drama, comic books, magazines, websites and fashion, have emerged as a popular

Korean pop music : riding the wave

The first book in English to consider Korean pop music. The book offers a comprehensive account, written by thirteen scholars of Korean Studies, ethnomusicology and popular culture, charting Korean

As a Hundred Television Formats Bloom, a Thousand Television Stations Contend

This paper looks at the growing trend towards television format adaptation as an industry development strategy in China. As China's television industry professionals imagine a commercial future, this

Television Formats: Primetime Staple, Global Market

The last decade has witnessed the growth of TV formats such as Big Brother or The X Factor, developed in one market and sold internationally for local adaptation. This article reveals the scale and

Danish and Australian Television: The Impact of Format Adaptation

Format adaptation plays an increasingly important part in international television. Formats such as Dancing with the Stars and Idol are screened in many territories. The article presents an in-depth

Free to Air? Legal Protection of TV Formats

It is shown that contract law and internal industry mechanisms create an overall efficient, unpublished format market where no additional legal protection is needed in the international trade market of published program formats, however, it is concluded that a clearer legal approach offering better protection is justified.

Flowing Networks in the Entertainment Business: Organizing International TV Format Trade

Little is known about entertainment acquisition and production, especially the international format trade, although its worldwide market volume adds up to about 2.4 billion. Format trade is a process

I tube, you tube, everybody tubes: analyzing the world's largest user generated content video system

This paper analyzed YouTube, the world's largest UGC VoD system, and provided an in-depth study of the popularity life-cycle of videos, the intrinsic statistical properties of requests and their relationship with video age, and the level of content aliasing or of illegal content in the system.

A television format for national health promotion: Finland's "Keys to Health".

Results of the evaluation surveys indicate that viewing rates were high and changes in behaviors were substantial among the viewers who had seen several parts of the series and were meaningful, overall, for the entire population.