“Down with the Monarchy”: Iran’s Republican Moment of August 1953

  title={“Down with the Monarchy”: Iran’s Republican Moment of August 1953},
  author={Siavush Randjbar-Daemi},
  journal={Iranian Studies},
  pages={293 - 313}
The purpose of this article is to explore and analyze Iran’s “Republican Moment” of 16‒19 August 1953, arguably the last concerted effort to abolish the monarchy and establish a republican order in the county prior to the Revolution of 1978‒79. By drawing on a broad range of primary source materials that have thus far remained relatively understudied by existing scholarship, such as the political press of those crucial days, the essay will attempt to shed light on a number of significant… 

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28 va 29 Mordād

    Andisheh-ye Jomhuri

      Jomhuri-ye Mosaddeq

      • Qanātābādi pleaded with Borujerdi to break his silence on 19 August, as he claimed Tehran to be "in the hands of the Bolsheviks" and the statues of the Pahlavi monarchs as being due for replacement with those of Lenin, Stalin and Malenkov. See in this regard Mellat-e Mā

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