“Conceal my Body so that I can Protect the State”: The Making of the Mysterious Woman in Daoism and Water Margin

  title={“Conceal my Body so that I can Protect the State”: The Making of the Mysterious Woman in Daoism and Water Margin},
  author={Peng Liu},
  journal={Ming Studies},
  pages={48 - 71}
  • P. Liu
  • Published 2 July 2016
  • History
  • Ming Studies
Protecting fictional heroes against misfortune and helping them defeat demonic enemies, the Mysterious Woman of the Nine Heavens proves to be a crucial figure in the Ming novel Water Margin. Her divine power and military wisdom pique our interest, inviting us to discover her true identity and investigate the process of her creation. This article shows how a set of related Daoist texts strengthens her role as a warrior protectress by giving prominence to her magic of concealing the body… Expand
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