“Anxietas Tibiarum”

  title={“Anxietas Tibiarum”},
  author={Juliane Winkelmann and Muriel Prager and Roselind Lieb and Hildegard Pfister Dipl.-Inf. and B. Spiegel Dipl. Soz. and H. -U. Wittchen and Ph.D. F. Holsboer and Claudia Trenkwalder and Andreas Str{\"o}hle},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
Symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients with restless legs syndrome (RLS) have been observed. However, it is unclear whether rates of threshold depression and anxiety disorders according to DSM-IV criteria in such patients are also elevated. 238 RLS patients were assessed with a standardized diagnostic interview (Munich-Composite International… CONTINUE READING