“And it all happened in our lifetime” – progress and comfort: the meaning of technology domestication practices

  title={“And it all happened in our lifetime” – progress and comfort: the meaning of technology domestication practices},
  author={Joanna Zalewska},
  journal={Etnografia Polska},
The process of domesticating technology coincided with the development of modern market societies. The first sociological work on home technologies referred to “the industrial revolution at home” because when the book appeared in the 1970s the term “consumer revolution” had not yet been coined (Cowan 1976). While the industrial revolution concerned the mass production and increased supply of goods, the consumer revolution involved mass consumption and increased demand. The consumer revolution… 
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The Industrialization of the home was a process very different from the industrialization of other means of production, and the impact was neither what the authors have been led to believe it was nor what students of the other industrial revolutions would have been lead to predict.

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