“Absolute Organizational Deficiency”: The 1. Nahplan of December 1939 (Logistics, Limitations, and Lessons)

  title={“Absolute Organizational Deficiency”: The 1. Nahplan of December 1939 (Logistics, Limitations, and Lessons)},
  author={Phillip T. Rutherford},
  journal={Central European History},
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In his collection of essays, The Path to Genocide (1992), Christopher Browning contends that when Hitler ordered his subordinates to pursue the wholesale destruction of European Jews in the mid-summer of 1941, what they were being asked to accomplish was at the time totally unprecedented. At this stage every step was uncharted, every policy an experiment, every action a trial run … Murder was in the air; many avenues were being explored, but little was settled other than at least Himmler and… Expand
Evacuated to Death: The Lexicon, Concept, and Practice of Mobility in the Nazi Deportation and Killing Machine
Evacuation is a fairly empty and technical concept often used to describe moments of emergency governance when peoples are moved away from harm. It was also a key code word, though, within the NaziExpand
Forest cover changes in the northern Carpathians in the 20th century: a slow transition
The reversal from deforestation to forest increase is named forest transition. It combines factors related to social and economic development or policies attempting to overcome the possible scarcityExpand


Local Authority and the SS State: The Conflict over Population Policy in Danzig-West Prussia, 1939–1945
The notion that Hitler's Third Reich was a monolithic and efficient dictatorship has by now been safely buried, although it may persist in the popular imagination. This essay is intended as aExpand
The Path to Genocide: Essays on Launching the Final Solution
Preface Part I. The Prelude to Genocide: 1. Nazi resettlement policy and the search for a solution to the Jewish question, 1939-1941 2. Nazi ghettoization policy in Poland, 1939-41 Part II.Expand
"Final Solution": Nazi Population Policy and the Murder of the European Jews
Policy toward the Jews, war and resettlement "making room" for ethnic Germans, chronology - September 1939-April 1940 "Himmler is shifting population.." "the Madagascar plan", chronology -Expand
National Socialist extermination policies : contemporary German perspectives and controversies
Chapter 1. Policy of Extermination U. Herbert Chapter 2. Jewish Resettlement G. Aly Chapter 3. The Killing of the Jews in the Incorporated Eastern Territories D. Pohl Chapter 4. Anti-Jewish PolicyExpand
The Destruction of the European Jews
First published in 1961, Raul Hilberg's comprehensive account of how Germany annihilated the Jewish community of Europe spurred discussion, galvanised further research, and shaped the entire field ofExpand
Himmler: Reichsführer-SS
A biography of Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's SS and Police Chief, and the principal executive of the crimes associated with the Nazi state. The author also wrote "Doenitz: The Last Fuehrer".
Eichmann und seine Gehilfen