“A Very Pretty Business”

  title={“A Very Pretty Business”},
  author={Linzy Brekke-Aloise},
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Between 1825 and 1850 fashion news shifted dramatically from textual description to pictorial illustration, fueled by the technical innovations of graphic artists and the rising demand of style-conscious consumers. Godey’s Lady’s Book and other periodicals promoted color fashion lithographs and engravings as a branch of American art and a tool to cultivate American taste and refinement. Research drawing from primary sources shows how fashion plates created a tension in visual culture between… 
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Too anxious to please: moralising gender in fashion magazines in the early nineteenth century
ABSTRACT The turn of the nineteenth century witnessed a rise in fashion and ladies’ magazines across Europe. With an emerging consumer culture and the rise of the middle class, these magazines offer
State of the Field: Material Conclusions
  • K. Cohen
  • History
    Reviews in American History
  • 2019
About halfway through his book Face Value: The Consumer Revolution and the Colonizing of America, Cary Carson claims that the French furnishing known as a “buffet” was “almost as foreign as its name