“A More Perfect Union”

  title={“A More Perfect Union”},
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Anti-Racism: Building a Better Tomorrow
Conventional sociology tends to reproduce rather than resolve social injustice. Rather than perpetuating that odious tradition, in this article the author proposes a remedy for racism. Sociologists
Populism, American Nationalism and Representative Democracy
This paper provides an analysis of Trump’s populist rhetoric, drawing on the theories of Ernesto Laclau and Carl Schmitt. It links Trump’s populism to American White Nationalism and to similar
Information Foraging for Enhancing Implicit Feedback in Content-based Image Recommendation
This paper aims to identify users' preferences through implicit behavioural signals for image recommendation based on the Information Scent Model of Information Foraging Theory and finds that users prefer recommendations predicated by visual cues and therefore consider the visual cues as good information scent for their information seeking.
LINACVR: VR Simulation for Radiation Therapy Education
Many of the common variations, as well as many of the formatting elements an author may use in the preparation of the documentation of their work, are presented and explained.