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“ Evaluation of Study Designs In Anti-Tubercular Regimen ” – A Review

  title={“ Evaluation of Study Designs In Anti-Tubercular Regimen ” – A Review},
  author={Karimi Sara and G. Anusha and M. Sahithi and D. Tejaswini and K. Teja and K. Prasath},
Anti-tubercular drugs used in clinical practice, are not free from ADRs. The added problem is that combinations of drugs are always used for prolonged periods of time therefore; it is likely that the adverse reactions of one drug may be potentiated by the companion drugs used. Moreover, the Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) to the drugs used is one of the major reasons for the patient default treatment. Anti-tubercular drugs may result in ADRs involving almost all system in body, including the… Expand


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