“ Chocolate City , Vanilla Suburbs : ” Will the Trend toward Racially Separate Communities Continue ?

  title={“ Chocolate City , Vanilla Suburbs : ” Will the Trend toward Racially Separate Communities Continue ?},
  author={Reynolds Farley and Howard Schuman and Suzanne M. Bianchi and Diane Colasanto and S. I . Hatchett},
Almost a decade ago, the Kerner Commission warned that this country was moving toward two societies-one white and one black. Data on residential segregation indicate clear-cut boundaries for these two societies-large cities are becoming black but most suburban areas remain white. Detroit is a case in point and this led the 1976 Detroit Area Study to investigate the sources of racial residential segregation. Our approach was guided by three hypothesized causes of this segregation: (i) the… CONTINUE READING


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