’17, ’18, ’19: religion and science in three pandemics, 1817, 1918, and 2019

  title={’17, ’18, ’19: religion and science in three pandemics, 1817, 1918, and 2019},
  author={Howard Phillips},
  journal={Journal of Global History},
  pages={434 - 443}
  • H. Phillips
  • Published 1 November 2020
  • History
  • Journal of Global History
Abstract Recognizing that serious pandemics call forth explanations which go to the heart of beliefs about why natural disasters occur, this article examines three pandemics over the last 200 years (cholera from 1817, Spanish influenza in 1918–19, and COVID-19) to establish whether such explanations have changed significantly over time and, if so, why. What it finds is that this period saw a watershed in which the dominance of traditional religious explanations declined in many parts of the… Expand
Divine Epidemiologists: Christianity, Faith, and Public Health in Africa, 1918–2021
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Prejudice in Past Pandemics
Accompanying the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) across the globe was a proliferation in anti-Asian hate crimes and political rhetoric. These discriminatory actions mirrored the prejudice exhibitedExpand


Cholera in Nineteenth-Century Europe: A Tool for Social and Economic Analysis
Economists have, in the past generation, become deeply concerned with the problem of economic growth. Of late years, as traditional economic models have demonstrated inadequacies, economists haveExpand
He was originally drawn into this field by his study of epidemics, on which he has written extensively and about which, of late, he has been interviewed repeatedly
  • Among his books are Black October: The Impact of the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918 on South Africa
  • 1990
19: religion and science in three pandemics, 1817, 1918, and 2019
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