‘Wishing You a Speedy Termination of Existence’

  title={‘Wishing You a Speedy Termination of Existence’},
  author={Gordan Djurdjevic},
Aleister Crowley was considerably influenced by the doctrines of Theravāda Buddhism, which he studied in his youth, both theoretically and practically. He correlated its principles to the principles of scientific agnosticism and considered that its objectives could also be achieved through the practice of ceremonial magic. His eventual acceptance of Thelema’s religious philosophy led to his ultimate renunciation of Buddhism as a worldview. This essay examines Crowley’s early writings on the… 
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"Magia sexualis": sex, secrecy, and liberation in modern western esotericism.

  • H. Urban
  • Art
    Journal of the American Academy of Religion. American Academy of Religion
  • 2004
It is argued that Randolph, Crowley, and Bernard were all in their own ways somewhat ahead of their times and foreshadowed much of the obsession with sex and its liberation in contemporary America at the turn of the millennium.

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