‘White Slaves’ and White Australia: prostitution and Australian Society1

  title={‘White Slaves’ and White Australia: prostitution and Australian Society1},
  author={Raelene Frances},
  journal={Australian Feminist Studies},
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  • R. Frances
  • Published 1 July 2004
  • Sociology
  • Australian Feminist Studies
I would like to begin by introducing you to a sex worker. Her name is ‘Joy’. For 18 months in 1995–1996 her larger-than-life figure leant against a red door-frame on the corner of Yurong and Stanley Streets in East Sydney. Of course, being a statue, she is not really a sex worker. Or is she? The story of Joy became something of a sensation in the mid-1990s. This was not just because she was allegedly the only statue of a prostitute on display in public anywhere in the world, and not just… Expand
Women's work: The professionalisation and policing of fortune-telling in Australia
In the early twentieth century, fortune-telling was being heralded by Australian newspapers as the nation’s latest fad. It was enjoyed as a popular form of entertainment, particularly by women. ForExpand
Privilege and marginalisation in Australia's national imaginary: constructions of mining and sex worker identities through technologies of power
University of Wollongong Copyright Warning You may print or download ONE copy of this document for the purpose of your own research or study. The University does not authorise you to copy,Expand
Canadian Sex Work Policy for the 21st Century: Enhancing Rights and Safety, Lessons from Australia
This paper reviews the current problematic state of public policy addressed to the sex trade in Canada. It explores the recent parliamentary inquiry into the sex trade and suggests that the CanadianExpand
Slavery: Annual bibliographical supplement (2004)
JOSEPH C. MILLER has worked on the development of this bibliography since 1977, with the assistance of many colleagues and the institutional support of the University of Virginia. The 2004 annualExpand
For Better or Worse? Decriminalisation, Work Conditions, and Indoor Sex Work in Auckland, New Zealand/Aotearoa
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Ah Ku and Karayuki-san: Prostitution in Singapore 1870-1940
Among the many groups of workers whose labor built Singapore in the 20th century, there may be none as marginalized in memory as the women who travelled from China and Japan to work in Singapore asExpand
Transnational Prostitution: Changing Patterns in a Global Context
* Introduction - Prostitution in a Global Context: Changing Patterns - Susanne Thorbek * PART 1: MEN IN PROSTITUTION * 1. Travellers' Tails: Sex Diaries of Tourists Returning from Thailand - RyanExpand
Thai Sex Workers in Sydney’, pp. 191–202; see also Linda Meaker, ‘A Social Response to Transnational Prostitution in Queensland, Australia
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