‘The potent spirit of the black‐browed Jacko’: new light on the impact of John Robinson on high politics in the era of the American Revolution, 1770–84

  title={‘The potent spirit of the black‐browed Jacko’: new light on the impact of John Robinson on high politics in the era of the American Revolution, 1770–84},
  author={A. Connell},
  journal={Historical Research},
  • A. Connell
  • Published 2013
  • History
  • Historical Research
John Robinson was a treasury secretary of obscure origin, extraordinarily diligent, efficient and persistent. Viscerally conservative, he had no place in whig history until analysis of his correspondence and parliamentary papers rediscovered his importance, particularly in electoral management. The Namierite approach to Hanoverian high politics embraced Robinson; as it went out of fashion so did he. But recent work on hitherto barely touched private letters reaffirms Robinson's crucial role in… Expand
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