‘The Sharp End of the Intelligence Machine’: The Rise of the Malayan Police Special Branch 1948–1955

  title={‘The Sharp End of the Intelligence Machine’: The Rise of the Malayan Police Special Branch 1948–1955},
  author={Georgina Sinclair},
  journal={Intelligence and National Security},
  pages={460 - 477}
  • G. Sinclair
  • Published 28 July 2011
  • History
  • Intelligence and National Security
Abstract With a steady release of material into The National Archives (UK), scholarly interest in imperial and commonwealth history as well as the field of intelligence studies has grown. The Malayan Emergency continues to provide a wealth of material, particularly for those interested in counter-insurgency. Yet the colonial police, and by extension their intelligence branches, have received less attention. This article considers new evidence of the organizational changes that occurred and the… 
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