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‘That’s Problematic’: Tracing the Birth of Call-Out Culture

  title={‘That’s Problematic’: Tracing the Birth of Call-Out Culture},
  author={Beth Tucker},
The word ‘surveillance’ finds its etymology in 19th century French, meaning literally to ‘watch over’ (Harper, 2017), yet is now defined by Sociologists as the ‘focused, systematic and routine attention to personal details for purposes of influence, management, protection or direction’ (Lyon, 2007: 14). This can include observation, supervision, inspection, recording, and monitoring, in which the information is produced for the use of others; in that one person in this definition is the… 
With(Stan)ding Cancel Culture: Stan Twitter and Reactionary Fandoms
Cancel culture is often regarded as a witch hunt on social media, a way to harass people into silence, an excuse to bully critics but that was not always the case. This analysis traces the history of
Whose agenda is it anyway: an exploration of cancel culture and political affiliation in the United States
Cancel culture is a new catalyst for digital hate seen in various media platforms, in which large groups of people publicly criticize the victim’s actions and withdraw their support from that victim,
Evolutionary Psychology and Artificial Intelligence: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Behaviour
This chapter postulates how AI impacts contemporary societies on an individual and collective level by teasing apart the current actual impact of AI on society from the impact that the authors' cultural narratives surrounding AI has.


Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison
Contemporary Sociology 7(5) (September 1978):566—68. When the intellectual history of our times comes to be written, that peculiarly Left Bank mixture of Marxism and structuralism now in fashion will
The Viewer Society
The article takes its point of departure in one limited and consciously selected aspect of Michel Foucault's use of Jeremy Bentham's concept of `Panopticon': in his book Discipline and Punish, the
Security and Immigration: Toward a Critique of the Governmentality of Unease
Migration is increasingly interpreted as a security problem. The prism of security analysis is especially important for politicians, for national and local police organizations, the military police,
Globalized-In-Security: the Field and the Ban-Opticon
T discourses that the United States and its closest allies 2 have put forth asserting the necessity to globalize security have taken on an unprecedented intensity and reach. They justify themselves
Freedom and Consumerism: A Critique of Zygmunt Bauman's Sociology
Contents: Introduction Part I: Biographical solutions and sociological contradictions: who is Zygmunt Bauman? Existing interpretations of Bauman's writings. Part II: Freedom as insecurity Freedom as
New Perspectives on Sport and 'Deviance': Consumption, Peformativity and Social Control
Part 1: Reviewing perspectives on sport and 'deviance' 1. Introduction: Endings or new beginnings? 2. Gladiatorial sociology: grand narratives, deviancy theory and sport 3. Beyond grand narratives:
Celeb 2.0: How Social Media Foster Our Fascination with Popular Culture
With Ashton Kutchers record-breaking tweeting more famous than his films, and Perez Hilton actually getting more attention than Paris, the actress often covered in his blog, the worlds of celebrity
Surveillance Studies: An Overview
* Contents * Preface and Acknowledgments * Introduction * Part I Viewpoints *1. The Watched World Today *2. Spreading Surveillance Sites *3. Explaining Surveillance * Part II Vision *4. Information,
Media activism in the digital age
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