‘Study of several involuntary functions of the apparatus of movement, gripping, and voice’ by Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard (1825)

  title={‘Study of several involuntary functions of the apparatus of movement, gripping, and voice’ by Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard (1825)},
  author={Sara J. Newman},
  journal={History of Psychiatry},
  pages={333 - 339}
  • S. Newman
  • Published 1 September 2006
  • Medicine
  • History of Psychiatry
Itard's 1825 paper, written while he was Chief Physician at the National Institute for Deaf-Mutes in Paris, demonstrates his empiricist approach to medicine. That is, Itard founded his medical practice on sense and experience rather than on surgery and medication. If all knowledge came through the senses, Itard reasoned, those lacking knowledge or social abilities could be improved by appropriate sensory stimulation. This concern with senses and society, along with his different approaches to… 
J.-M. G. Itard’s 1825 study: movement and the science of the human mind
Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard’s 1825 study contains the first clinical description of Tourette Syndrome and characterizes patients’ movements in terms of the will, propriety, animals and gender.
Influence of Musical Engagement on Symptoms of Tourette’s Disorder
Dedication This research is dedicated to all those affected by Tourette's and especially to my new friend, Jim Couchenour, whose musicianship, spirituality and encouraging speech about his dealings
Deep brain stimulation for Tourette syndrome.
School Psychologists' Training and Knowledge of Tourette Syndrome
School Psychologists’ Training and Knowledge of Tourette Syndrome by Leticia H. Cornejo A web-based survey was conducted that included 97 practicing school psychologists in California. The results
Syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette et thérapeutiques : revue de littérature
Le syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette (SGT) est un trouble neurodeveloppemental caracterise par la presence de tics chroniques, moteurs et au moins un vocal, survenant pendant plus d’un an avant la
Causes of Enrollment Disparities of Students with Disabilities in Tanzania Secondary Schools
This article argues that children with disabilities face significant obstacles in schooling in Tanzania, despite the government initiative to formulate policy and awareness creation for people with
Jean Marc Gaspard Itard


A cursing brain? The histories of Tourette syndrome
Howard Kushner has written a masterful history of the disorder known as Tourette syndrome, a fine contribution to the history of medicine, a cautionary tale for anyone embarking on thehistory of a syndrome or a disease, and a very good read.
The Wild Boy of Aveyron
The discovery of Victor, the wild boy of Aveyron, and the accomplishments of his teacher, Jean Marc Itard, launched a debate among philosophers anthropologists, psychologists, and educators that has
Console and classify: the French psychiatric profession in the nineteenth century
humans provide plentiful opportunities for specialization and exchange. To be sure the advantage is more in the getting than the giving or letting have, and to be sure cheating can and does take
The forbidden experiment : the story of the Wild Boy of Aveyron
Just before dawn on January 9, 1800, a mysterious creature emerged from a forest in southern France. Although he was human in form and walked upright, his habits were those of a young male animal. He
Console and Classify: The French Psychiatric Profession in the Nineteenth Century
This book is a reprint of a classic work of historical scholarship, which examines key figures and events in the history of French psychiatry. Although the names of Pinel, Esquirol and Charcot are
Wolf Children and the Problem of Human Nature.
A cursing brain
Charcot the Clinician: The Tuesday Lessons
The Wild Boy of Aveyron (Cambridge
  • 1976