‘Stay-Behind’ in France: Much ado about nothing?

  title={‘Stay-Behind’ in France: Much ado about nothing?},
  author={Charles G. Cogan},
  journal={Journal of Strategic Studies},
  pages={937 - 954}
  • Charles G. Cogan
  • Published 16 November 2007
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Strategic Studies
Abstract Stay-behind networks in France were set up starting in 1948 and were aimed at responding to the possibility of a Soviet armed attack into Western Europe. Participants were identified, and arms and explosives cached, to be activated in case of hostilities. This activity became folded into a multilateral effort under the Allied Coordination Committee (ACC) of NATO. In France, the network was run as a highly compartmented activity under the French external intelligence service (DGSE). As… 

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