‘Sperm bandits’, birth control fraud and the battle of the sexes

  title={‘Sperm bandits’, birth control fraud and the battle of the sexes},
  author={Sally Sheldon},
  journal={Legal Studies},
  pages={460 - 480}
  • S. Sheldon
  • Published 1 September 2001
  • Law
  • Legal Studies
This paper briefly reviews the US case law dealing with the issue of birth control fraud and speculates on the possibility of a similar action succeeding in the UK. It then focuses on newspaper reporting of one such case. A common media reading of this case, and one which can also be detected in some academic commentary of similar cases, is to contextualise it as part of an ongoing ‘battle of the sexes’, where historic poles of inequality have become reversed and women have gained unfair (legal… 

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    These facts are taken from the newspaper reports of the case: see B Erbe 'A father's rights' Scripps Howard News

      A Couple's Deal to Use Birth Control is a Deal