‘Secular Retaliation’: A Case Study of Integralist Populism, Anti-Muslim Discourse, and (Il)liberal Discourse on Secularism in Contemporary France

  title={‘Secular Retaliation’: A Case Study of Integralist Populism, Anti-Muslim Discourse, and (Il)liberal Discourse on Secularism in Contemporary France},
  author={Per-Erik Nilsson},
  journal={Politics, Religion \& Ideology},
  pages={106 - 87}
Abstract In this article, the author conducts a qualitative discourse analysis of the editorials of French online journal Riposte Laïque [Secular Retaliation] between 2007 and 2015. The journal gathers activists from all over the political spectrum – from left-wing union representatives to right-wing ultranationalists. Their common goal is the will to purify the French nation from an asserted ongoing Islamic occupation. To the journal's writers, secularism appears both as a threatened identity… Expand
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Questioning French Secularism