author={Parvez Alam},
  journal={Composites Engineering: An A–Z Guide},
  • P. Alam
  • Published 1 October 2021
  • Composites Engineering: An A–Z Guide
Bootstrapping large graviton non-Gaussianities
Abstract Gravitational interferometers and cosmological observations of the cosmic microwave background offer us the prospect to probe the laws of gravity in the primordial universe. To study and
Cosmological Cutting Rules
Primordial perturbations in our universe are believed to have a quantum origin, and can be described by the wavefunction of the universe (or equivalently, cosmological correlators). It follows that
Local Additivity Revisited
A number of significant simplifications are made in Gour and Friedland’s proof of local additivity of minimum output entropy of a quantum channel, including using the integral representation of the log to obtain expressions for the first and second derivatives of the entropy.
Twin conformal field theories
A bstractSupersymmetric theories with the same bosonic content but different fermions, aka twins, were thought to exist only for supergravity. Here we show that pairs of super conformal field
2022 Itinerant G-type antiferromagnet SrCr 2 As 2 studied by magnetization, heat capacity, electrical resistivity, and NMR measurements
The physical properties of itinerant antiferromagnetic (AFM) SrCr 2 As 2 with body-centered tetragonal ThCr 2 Si 2 structure were investigated in single crystalline and polycrystalline forms by
A Review of Deep Learning-based Approaches for Deepfake Content Detection
This paper presents a comprehensive review of recent studies for deepfake content detection using deep learning-based approaches and aims to broaden the state-of-the-art research by systematically reviewing the different categories of fake content detection.
A cautionary tale of decorrelating theory uncertainties
Examples of two-point (fragmentation modeling) and continuous (higher-order corrections) uncertainties where decorrelating significantly reduces the apparent uncertainty while the true uncertainty is much larger are provided.
A cross-sectional study of gastrointestinal manifestations in COVID-19 Egyptian patients
A rapid review of machine learning approaches for telemedicine in the scope of COVID-19