‘Revolution for the hell of it’: the transatlantic genesis and serial provocations of The Female Eunuch

  title={‘Revolution for the hell of it’: the transatlantic genesis and serial provocations of The Female Eunuch},
  author={Marilyn Lake},
  journal={Australian Feminist Studies},
  pages={21 - 7}
  • M. Lake
  • Published 2 January 2016
  • Art
  • Australian Feminist Studies
ABSTRACT In a synopsis sent to her publisher outlining her plans for a ‘sensational’ book, Germaine Greer wrote: If Eldridge Cleaver can write a book about the frozen soul of the negro, as part of the progress towards a correct statement of the coloured man’s problem, a woman must eventually take steps towards delineating the female condition as she finds it scored upon her sensibility. I know myself to be an anomaly, a lucky survival, but men, so is Cleaver: if he is a genius, a criminal, a… 
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