‘Politics Without the Politics’: The Evolving Political Cultures of Ethnic Non-Profits in Koreatown, Los Angeles

  title={‘Politics Without the Politics’: The Evolving Political Cultures of Ethnic Non-Profits in Koreatown, Los Angeles},
  author={Angie Y. Chung},
  journal={Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies},
  pages={911 - 929}
  • Angie Y. Chung
  • Published 1 September 2005
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
One of the emerging issues in the current non-profit literature is concerned with ‘political’ activity and advocacy work among 501(c)(3) organisations. Particularly in the case of Asian immigrant communities where electoral participation is relatively low, the study finds that social-service agencies and advocacy groups have played an integral role in mediating between the ethnic population and mainstream political institutions. The primary goal of this article is to understand how such ethnic… 
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CONTENTS Chang Gordon H. PART ONE 1. Chang Gordon H. 2. Kim Claire Jean 3. Gotanda Neil T. 4. Nakanishi Don T. PART TWO 5. Tam Cho Wendy K. Cain Bruce E. 6. Ong Paul M. Lee David E. 7. Lien Pei-Te