‘Overtourism’? – Understanding and Managing Urban Tourism Growth beyond Perceptions

  title={‘Overtourism’? – Understanding and Managing Urban Tourism Growth beyond Perceptions},
  author={Sandra Carv{\~a}o and Ko Koens and Albert Postma},
– 11 strategies and 68 measures to help understand and manage visitors’ growth in cities. – Tourism development and management in cities needs to be part of the wider urban agenda. – There is no one-size-fi ts-all solution. It is essential a common strategic vision among all stakeholders involved, bringing residents and visitors together and adopting careful planning which respects the limits of capacity and the specifi cities of each destination. – 12 policy recommendations to better manage… 

Integrating Overtourism in the Smart Tourism Cities Agenda

This research note explores how cities that develop a smart city and/or smart destination strategy approach the management of overtourism. A group of cities with uneven tourism pressure in Spain and

Conceptualising overtourism: A sustainability approach

Exploring mass tourism impacts on locals: A comparative analysis between Barcelona and Sevilla

Mass tourism is growing uncontrolled in many destinations worldwide. Negative impacts emerge from it, transforming the city and influencing on locals’ lifestyle and well-being. However, debates and

Measuring social tourism sustainability in Porto municipality: the views of residents

  • Goretti Silva
  • Business
    International Conference on Tourism Research
  • 2022
In the previous decade, tourism planning and destination management efforts have focused on sustainability, particularly in its environmental pillar. In the last years though (and especially in

Identifying stakeholder perspectives and worldviews on sustainable urban tourism development using a Q-sort methodology

ABSTRACT Tourism growth, particularly in cities, is coming under increased scrutiny. However, even often visited cities appear to find it difficult to agree upon a strategy to limit tourism growth.

Tourism Investment Gaps in Poland

Against a rapid and frequently unsustainable development of tourism in Poland, this article aims to recognize the investment attractiveness for tourism in Poland and its spatial diversity in the

Competitiveness and Sustainability in Tourist Firms and Destinations

Tourism is a major activity in the global economy, not only in terms of its economic impact but also its social and environmental implications. The management practices and processes adopted by

Overtourism vs. Sustainable Development of Tourism. Attempts to Handle Overtourism Following the Example of Venice

In this day and age, overtourism has become a burning issue and a considerable challenge to tackle. It will remain on the rise as long as the tourism industry continues to grow. It appears impossible

Participatory Destination Governance and other Pipe Dreams

: Over the last 50 years, scientific research on destination governance has initiated various models focusing on its participatory aspects, such as collaborative and community-based governance.

Overtourism: Creative Solutions by Creative Residents

Overtourism is currently a topic of high interest to tourism researchers and stakeholders as tourism growth in city centres is causing social effects perceived as negative by some residents as it