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  • Composites Engineering: An A–Z Guide
A Centrosymmetric Organic Semiconductor with Donor–Acceptor Interaction for Highly Photostable Organic Transistors
Molecule design of organic semiconductors (OSCs) for eliminating photoresponse and maintaining high charge mobility concurrently is beneficial to realize intrinsically photostable and
Beam dynamics in dielectric laser acceleration
We discuss recent developments and challenges of beam dynamics in Dielectric Laser Acceleration (DLA), for both high and low energy electron beams. Starting from ultra-low emittance nanotip sources
DCML: Deep contrastive mutual learning for COVID-19 recognition
Derivative-Free Bayesian Inversion Using Multiscale Dynamics | SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems | Vol. 21, No. 1 | Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
A new derivativefree approach to Bayesian inversion is proposed, which may be employed for posterior sampling or for maximum a posteriori estimation, and may be systematically refined.
Dust Emission in Galaxies at Millimeter Wavelengths: Cooling of star forming regions in NGC6946
Interstellar dust plays an important role in the formation of molecular gas and the heating and cooling of the interstellar medium. The spatial distribution of the mm-wavelength dust emission from
Impact of sequencing technologies on long non-coding RNA computational identification
The correct annotation of non-coding RNAs, especially long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), is still an important critial challenge in genome analyses. One crucial issue in lncRNA transcript annotation is
Implementasi Sistem Kriptografi RSA Signature dengan SHA-256 pada Mekanisme Autentikasi REST API
Komunikasi antar individu semakin mengalami peningkatan, maka dibutuhkan teknologi Application Programming Interface (API) untuk memfasilitasi pertukaran informasi. Teknologi API yang terkenal adalah
In situ controllable magnetic phases in doped twisted bilayer transition-metal dichalcogenides
We study the electronic structure of hole-doped transition metal dichalcogenides for small twist-angels, where the onsite repulsion is extremely strong. Using unbiased diagrammatic Monte Carlo