‘Making a Difference’: Volunteer Tourism and Development

  title={‘Making a Difference’: Volunteer Tourism and Development},
  author={Jim Butcher and Peter Smith},
  journal={Tourism Recreation Research},
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Abstract In recent decades there has been a boom in international volunteer tourism, mainly in the form of the growth of gap-year companies offering placements, linked to conservation and community well-being goals. This paper makes two points: firstly, it argues that the growth of volunteer tourism is in part a product of the politics of the current period—the decline of grand narratives and the growth of ‘life political’ alternative forms of agency. Hence volunteer tourism, motivated by the… 
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PART I TOURSIM AND DEVELOPMENT: A CONTENTIOUS RELATIONSHIP 1. What is tourism for development? 2. Modernisation, dependency and globalisation 3. Gazing at 'the other' 4. Participation, empowerment