author={Parvez Alam},
  journal={Composites Engineering: An A–Z Guide},
  • P. Alam
  • Published 1 October 2021
  • Composites Engineering: An A–Z Guide
FedPOIRec: Privacy Preserving Federated POI Recommendation with Social Influence
This work presents FedPOIRec, a privacy preserving federated learning approach enhanced with features from users’ social circles for top-N POI recommendations that achieves comparable recommendation quality to centralized approaches, while the social integration protocol incurs low computation and communication overhead on the user side.
Effects of paroxetine, ketoconazole, and rifampin on the metabolism of eliglustat, an oral substrate reduction therapy for Gaucher disease type 1
A Better Zn-Ion Storage Device: Recent Progress for Zn-Ion Hybrid Supercapacitors
The advances of electrode materials, energy storage mechanisms, electrolytes and applications for Zn-ion hybrid supercapacitors (ZHSCs) are comprehensively summarized. Recent progresses in ZHSCs are
A review of exact results for fluctuation formulas in random matrix theory
A bstract . Covariances and variances of linear statistics of a point process can be written as integrals over the truncated two-point correlation function. When the point process consists of the
Axial-vector form factor of nucleons at finite temperature from the AdS/QCD soft-wall model
The axial-vector form factor of the nucleons is considered at finite temperature using the holographic soft-wall model having the thermal dilaton field. We use bulk interaction action known from the
Critical Tests of Leading Gamma Ray Burst Theories II
It has been observationally established that supernovae (SNe) of Type Ic produce long duration gamma ray bursts (GRBs) and that neutron star mergers generate short hard GRBs. SN-Less GRBs presumably
DareFightingICE Competition: A Fighting Game Sound Design and AI Competition
This paper presents a new competition – at the 2022 IEEE Conference on Games (CoG) – called DareFightingICE Competition. The competition has two tracks: a sound design track and an AI track. The game
Diophantine sets and Dirichlet improvability
This note pushes further the discussion about relations between Dirichlet improvable, badly approximable and singular points held in [1] by considering Diophantine sets extending the notion of badly