‘Jammin’ with Karlik’: The German-Polish ‘Radio War’ and the Gleiwitz ‘Provocation’, 1925–1939

  title={‘Jammin’ with Karlik’: The German-Polish ‘Radio War’ and the Gleiwitz ‘Provocation’, 1925–1939},
  author={Peter Polak-Springer},
  journal={European History Quarterly},
  pages={279 - 300}
This essay aims to shed light on the role of radio in state territorial conflicts during the interwar era, a topic that has hardly received serious attention from scholars. Its focus is on the use of radio in the German-Polish contest over the Upper Silesian borderland. State actors of both countries built radio stations at the border with the explicit aim of integrating the largely culturally-mixed and ‘nationally indifferent’ population of locals on both sides of the borderland into – and… 

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Po tamtej stronie kordonu: Karlik z Kocyndra dobrze sluz _y rodakom
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