‘It’s like the gold rush’: the lives and careers of professional video game streamers on Twitch.tv

  title={‘It’s like the gold rush’: the lives and careers of professional video game streamers on Twitch.tv},
  author={Mark R. Johnson and Jamie Woodcock},
  journal={Information, Communication \& Society},
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ABSTRACT This paper explores the lives and careers of video game live broadcasters, especially those who gain their primary real-world income through this practice. We introduce the dominant market leader – the platform Twitch.tv – and outline its immensely rapid growth and the communities of millions of broadcasters, and tens of millions of viewers, it now boasts. Drawing on original interview data with professional and aspiring-professional game broadcasters (‘streamers’), we examine the… 
Nothing but a “titty streamer”: legitimacy, labor, and the debate over women’s breasts in video game live streaming
ABSTRACT Since the mid-2010s, live streaming has become an increasingly prominent facet of the cultural and commercial landscape of video games. Twitch, the largest streaming platform, reports that
“And Today’s Top Donator is”: How Live Streamers on Twitch.tv Monetize and Gamify Their Broadcasts
This article examines cultural and economic behavior on live streaming platform Twitch.tv, and the monetization of live streamers’ content production. Twitch is approximately the thirtieth
The impacts of live streaming and Twitch.tv on the video game industry
It is concluded that live streaming is a major new force in the games industry, creating new links between developers and influencers and shifting the authors' expectations of game play and game design, and is consequently a platform whose major structural effects are only now beginning to be understood.
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This article explores affective and immaterial labor on the leading live-streaming platform, Twitch.tv, which boasts over one hundred million regular viewers and two million regular broadcasters.
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Off-stream labour and the demands it makes on game broadcasters are explored, shedding new light on the behind-the-scenes labours and lives of aspirational gaming live streamers, who are collectively becoming increasingly influential in global gaming communities.
“Definitive playthrough”: Behind-the-scenes narratives in let’s plays and streaming content by video game voice actors
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ABSTRACT In this paper I explore economic and inclusion opportunities for people with disabilities and mental health issues afforded by ‘live streaming’ ‒ the live broadcast of one’s activities over
Necklines and 'naughty bits': constructing and regulating bodies in live streaming community guidelines
This paper performs a qualitative analysis of the community guidelines of video game live streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and Caffeine and articulate the unspoken yet active cultural work performed by these community guidelines, which try yet ultimately fail to render a definition of the sexualized body in precise, concrete terms.


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In Play Between Worlds, T. L. Taylor examines multiplayer gaming life as it is lived on the borders, in the gaps -- as players slip in and out of complex social networks that cross online and offline
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It is found that Twitch streams act as virtual third places, in which informal communities emerge, socialize, and participate, and implications for design of live mixed-media environments to support participatory online communities are drawn.
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The Modem Nation: A First Study on Twitch.TV Social Structure and Player/Game Relationships
  • Benjamin C. B. Churchill, Wen Xu
  • Computer Science
    2016 IEEE International Conferences on Big Data and Cloud Computing (BDCloud), Social Computing and Networking (SocialCom), Sustainable Computing and Communications (SustainCom) (BDCloud-SocialCom-SustainCom)
  • 2016
This paper examines various entities, such as steamers and gaming franchises, in Twitch and how they interact with each other and develops two novel community visualization methods to gain insight into the connectivity and trends of this online community.
Play to the camera
Electronic sports (e-sports) represents an increasingly popular and profitable array of organizations, communities, and sets of practices, all of which place tremendous value on audiences; for
This article explores the development and implementation of a Toronto-based incubator supporting local women in developing their own games. The incubator was created to help change the current
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The cross-sectional findings of Project Massive are reported and the future longitudinal work as the project tracks players and their guilds across the evolving landscape of the MMOG product space is described.
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It is argued that one potential future in gaming and virtual reality can be found in streaming media and technology, and an important part of that future involves the liminal space of streaming and eSports between the real and the virtual.
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The transformation of the relationship between computer gaming, media and sport in the global age of 'second modernity' is analyzed through a critical case study of the World Cyber Games.