‘I Was Not Born With a Hunger to Be Free’. Nelson Mandela’s Early Journeys towards Political Awareness

  title={‘I Was Not Born With a Hunger to Be Free’. Nelson Mandela’s Early Journeys towards Political Awareness},
  author={Raymond Suttner},
  journal={Journal of Asian and African Studies},
  pages={17 - 31}
  • R. Suttner
  • Published 1 February 2016
  • Political Science, History
  • Journal of Asian and African Studies
There is a stark contrast between Nelson Mandela the freedom fighter and the young man who grew up in rural Transkei without a ‘hunger to be free’. Until entering Johannesburg in 1941, he generally did not recognise or resist white oppression. Mandela was destined to be counsellor to the future abaThembu king, not a leader himself. Nevertheless, he encountered discordant notes, suggesting that he could not be a man as long as Africans were a conquered people. His consequent transition to… 



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