‘I’m Straight, but I Kissed a Girl’: The Trouble with American Media Representations of Female-Female Sexuality

  title={‘I’m Straight, but I Kissed a Girl’: The Trouble with American Media Representations of Female-Female Sexuality},
  author={Lisa M. Diamond},
  journal={Feminism \& Psychology},
  pages={104 - 110}
  • L. Diamond
  • Published 1 February 2005
  • Sociology
  • Feminism & Psychology
Nearly 20 years ago, Kitzinger (1987) argued that the shift in psychological research in the 1970s and 1980s toward a liberal-humanistic view of lesbians and gay men as ‘just like’ heterosexuals (rather than intrinsically deviant and pathological) was not, in fact, as positive and progressive as it might have seemed. Rather, she noted that this conceptualization actually reinforced the dominant social order by presenting same-sex sexuality as a matter of private lifestyle, thereby neutralizing… 
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