‘Home, Religion, Fatherland’: Movements of the Radical Right in Finland

  title={‘Home, Religion, Fatherland’: Movements of the Radical Right in Finland},
  author={Oula Silvennoinen},
This article charts the history of fascism in Finland and looks for the causes of its failure. Like most of its European contemporaries, Finnish nationalism was radicalized in similar processes which produced successful fascist movements elsewhere. After the end of the Great War, Finnish nationalists were engaged first in a bitter civil war, and then in a number of Freikorps -style attempts to expand the borders of the newly-made Finnish state. Like elsewhere, these experiences produced a… 
‘Mediterraneo baltico’: Italian Fascist propaganda in Finland (1933–9)
This article focuses on Italian Fascist propaganda in Finland. Federico Finchelstein (2010) characterised fascism as a global-transnational doctrine with diverse reformulations, ramifications and
Lived Historiography: National History as a Script to the Past
  • Pertti Haapala
  • History, Sociology
    Palgrave Studies in the History of Experience
  • 2021
The chapter studies the role of historiography in experiencing the past. Haapala analyzes how written history and its conceptualizations offered people a framework for understanding, defining, and
We Have All Been Warned: Public Debate on the Capitol Attack in Finland and Sweden
  • Leena Malkki
  • Political Science
    Terrorism and Political Violence
  • 2021
ABSTRACT The Capitol attack has provoked intensive debate and reflection far beyond the United States. These debates and their repercussions will be part of the legacy of the event. The article looks


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Introduction: dictatorship in the age of mass politics Part I. The Long Nineteenth Century, 1789-1914: 1. Latecomers 2. Italy and Germany as nation-states, 1871-1914 Part II. From War to
The Anatomy of Fascism
What is Fascism? How can we comprehend it? Fascism was a major political innovation of the 20th centiry and the source of much of its pain. This book shows that we cannot understand the phenomenon in
To the Threshold of Power