‘Here There Be Monsters’:The public's perception of paedophiles with particular reference to Belfast and Leicester

  title={‘Here There Be Monsters’:The public's perception of paedophiles with particular reference to Belfast and Leicester},
  author={K. McCartan},
  journal={Medicine, Science and the Law},
  pages={327 - 342}
  • K. McCartan
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Medicine, Science and the Law
This research study sought to investigate the public perception of paedophiles. It was undertaken in Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Leicester (England) in an attempt to determine whether or not regional variations existed in relation to the public's perception of paedophiles. In doing this, the study sought to test four hypotheses; (1) That the press affects the public's perception of paedophiles; (2) that the public's perception of paedophiles is not congruent with legal and clinical… Expand
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