‘Hella ghetto!’: (dis)locating race and class consciousness in youth discourses of ghetto spaces, subjects and schools

  title={‘Hella ghetto!’: (dis)locating race and class consciousness in youth discourses of ghetto spaces, subjects and schools},
  author={Kenzo K. Sung},
  journal={Race Ethnicity and Education},
  pages={363 - 395}
  • Kenzo K. Sung
  • Published 2015
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Race Ethnicity and Education
Based on analysis of interviews conducted during 2008–2009 in Oakland, California, this article examines how narratives of inner-city youth reinforce and destabilize mainstream conceptions of ‘ghetto.’ The article demonstrates that inner-city youth discourses regarding ‘ghetto’ spaces, subjects and schools often exemplify a consciousness informed by both counter-hegemonic insights and internalized psychological trauma. In other words, the interviewed youth reconstitute the term ‘ghetto’ to… Expand
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