‘Freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’: A new vision for sex-positive politics

  title={‘Freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’: A new vision for sex-positive politics},
  author={Breanne Fahs},
  pages={267 - 290}
  • Breanne Fahs
  • Published 1 March 2014
  • Sociology, Psychology
  • Sexualities
While the sex-positive movement has made a significant contribution to the advancement of women's sexuality, much of this work has emphasized ‘positive liberty,’ that is, women's freedom to expand sexual expression and sexual diversity. This work has largely ignored women's freedom from oppressive mandates and requirements about their sexuality, that is, ‘negative liberty.’ Drawing upon anarchist theories from the 19th and 20th centuries, political theories of positive and negative liberty… 

“It’s Time to Ease Your Fears—and Your Sphincter”: Gender and Power in Contemporary Media Discourses of Heterosexual Anal Sex

Heterosexual anal sex has become fashionable within popular culture, with unprecedented visibility in the media landscape. In this article I map the meanings ascribed to it across a wide range of

Free Women's Contributions to Working-Class Women's Sexual Education during the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) and Beyond

Background/Context Women's sexuality, and the ways they experience it, has been a major topic in feminist theories and movements throughout history. For the more than 20,000 working-class women who

Theory/praxis confusion within Irish Liberalism: The curious case of teenage sexuality

The contention that non-procreational sex is inherently sinful is a basic tenet of Catholic teaching. From a secular liberal perspective this proposition is inverted. Yet, despite this ideological

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This paper explores how concepts of sexual communication and sex are discussed in #MeToo commentaries. Previous research has focused primarily on questions of consent, gendered power relations and

Sexuality, pleasure, power, and danger: Points of tension, contradiction, and conflict.

http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/0000059-012 APA Handbook of the Psychology of Women: Vol. 1. History, Theory, and Battlegrounds, C. B. Travis and J. W. White (Editors-in-Chief ) Copyright © 2018 by the

The Problematization of Sexuality among Women Living with HIV and a New Feminist Approach for Understanding and Enhancing Women’s Sexual Lives

In the context of HIV, women’s sexual rights and sexual autonomy are important but frequently overlooked and violated. Guided by community voices, feminist theories, and qualitative empirical

Toward a Genealogy of a Discourse on Women’s Erotic Autonomy: Feminist and Queer-Feminist Critiques of Monogamy

  • C. Klesse
  • Sociology, Art
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2018
References to the values of self-ownership and erotic autonomy figure prominently in women’s accounts of why they are practicing consensual nonmonogamy. Feminist critiques of monogamy demonstrate a

Pathways to Pleasure and Protection: Exploring Embodiment, Desire, and Entitlement to Pleasure as Predictors of Black and White Young Women’s Sexual Agency

Sexual agency is a fundamental dimension of sexual subjectivity and well-being. Research and theory suggest that it functions in the service of both protection from harm and enabling sexual pleasure.

Performing heterosexual attraction in a bisexual interview: A methodological account of gendered power

The article describes the specific gender and sexuality relations that emerged in a life story interview I conducted with a gay-identified man who desires both women and men. I provide a detailed

Constructing hierarchies of victimhood: Queer male survivors' evaluations of sexual assault survivors

The author employs a critical sexualities approach and draws on feminist theories of sexual assault to examine queer male survivors’ constructions of hierarchies of victimhood. Results, based on



Performing Sex: The Making and Unmaking of Women's Erotic Lives

Although conventional wisdom holds that women in the United states today are more sexually liberated than ever before, a number of startling statistics call into question this perceived victory: over

Theorising maybe: A feminist/queer theory convergence

In this article, I examine the seemingly incompatible epistemologies of sex offered by dominance (‘governance’) feminism and queer theory. While these bodies of work, especially when applied to US

Sex War: The Debate between Radical and Libertarian Feminists

  • A. Ferguson
  • Political Science
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1984
In the last four years, there has been an increasing polarization of American feminists into two camps on issues of feminist sexual morality. The first camp, the radical feminists, holds that

Fashion and Passion: Marketing Sex to Women

Against a backdrop of a ‘pornographication’ of mainstream media and the emergence of a more heavily sexualized culture, women are increasingly targeted as sexual consumers. In the UK, the success of

Revisiting "the myth of the vaginal orgasm": the female orgasm in American sexual thought and second wave feminism.

Although Koedt's article became one of the more widely disseminated and well-known pieces on the political significance of sexuality, hers was not the only one that addressed the issue of orgasm and a number of feminists wrote about the meaning of sexual pleasure for women in a patriarchal society from 1968 to the mid1970s.

Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women's Love and Desire

Is love "blind" when it comes to gender? For women, it just might be. This unsettling and original book offers a radical new understanding of the context-dependent nature of female sexuality. Lisa

III. Feminist Theory and the Question of Lesbian and Gay Marriage

For feminists, the question of lesbian and gay marriage is, or should be, inextricably bound to the ongoing critique of marriage as an institution. That critique originates in the theoretical and

Dreaded “Otherness”

Research on bodies and sexualities has long debated ideas about choice, agency, and power, particularly as women conform to, or rebel against, traditional social scripts about femininity and

Sexual Indifference and Lesbian Representation

There is a sense in which lesbian identity could be assumed, spoken, and articulated conceptually as political through feminism-and, current debates to wit, against feminism; in particular through