‘Explorers’ – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  title={‘Explorers’ – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine},
  author={Micheal Charles Pounds},
  journal={African Identities},
  pages={209 - 235}
  • M. Pounds
  • Published 1 May 2009
  • Art
  • African Identities
This article examines race in a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode entitled ‘Explorers’. This Star Trek™ spin-off's lead character, named Benjamin Sisko, is of African descent. Sisko must safeguard a fragile peace between Bajorans and Cardassians and secure the commercial and strategic rights to the galaxy's only known stable wormhole, a gateway beyond the Alpha quadrant. In ‘Explorers’ Sisko tests an 800-year-old legend that Bajorans travelled to Cardassia light years away before either… 
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