‘Every Father is a Superhero to his Children’: The Gendered Politics of the (Real) Fathers 4 Justice Campaign

  title={‘Every Father is a Superhero to his Children’: The Gendered Politics of the (Real) Fathers 4 Justice Campaign},
  author={Ana Jordan},
  journal={Political Studies},
  pages={83 - 98}
  • Ana Jordan
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • Political Studies
Fathers' rights groups have been characterised by some feminist academics as part of an anti-feminist ‘backlash’, responding to a perceived crisis of masculinity through a problematic politics of fatherhood aimed at (re)asserting control over women and children. This article analyses the construction of gender and masculinity/ies within fathers' rights groups, specifically, the UK-based pressure group, (Real) Fathers 4 Justice. The article explores the construction of power-laden gender… Expand
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