‘Dubbing di diaspora’: gender and reggae music inna Babylon

  title={‘Dubbing di diaspora’: gender and reggae music inna Babylon},
  author={Sonia Sabelli},
  journal={Social Identities},
  pages={137 - 152}
European countries have always used gendered concepts and stereotypes to legitimize and perpetuate their colonial governance and their exercise of command and subordination. Metaphors of masculinity and femininity have often been used (by the colonizers and the colonized) to underscore relations of authority/obedience, or of strength/weakness, on the basis of the equation between racist supremacy and the loss of black masculinity. This article explores how reggae performers and audiences… 

Evolución de la heteronormatividad a partir de una categorización de los estereotipos de género. Análisis de los videoclips musicales más populares

Representations of masculinity and femininity within the most listened-to commercial music and its evolution, based on a system of our own elaboration of 11 analytical categories of gender


Using zimdancehall and rascaleb's tokwemukosi track, the paper examines the artists socially conscious lyrics in a genre that is often thought of as promoting slackness. The paper submits that he is

Paradigms of postcoloniality in contemporary Italy

In a seminal essay that emphasizes the “dubious spatiality” and “problematic temporality” of the term “postcolonial,” Ella Shohat asks, “When exactly, then, does the ‘post-colonial’ begin?” (103).

Tough guys, tough music or a cry for recognition?

Just like other music genres, hip hop music migrates from one part of the world to the other and inevitably takes on different forms along the way. When hip hop culture migrated from the United

Assembling the dance: reggae sound system practices in the United Kingdom and France

ABSTRACT Reggae sound systems are assemblages of speakers, record decks, and amplifiers that permit sound to be reproduced at very powerful levels. Sound systems crews, alongside an extended affinity

Influences of sexual behaviors and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among heterosexual ACB youth living in Windsor, Ontario

Little research has investigated relationships among heterosexual African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) youth and the factors that influence their behavior and the behavioral expectations they have of

The Reggae Sound System: Sound, Space and Politics



From Black Power to Hip Hop: Racism, Nationalism, and Feminism

From Black Power to Hip Hop: Racism, Nationalism, and Feminism by Patricia Hill Collins. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2007, 256 pp., $20.95, paperback. As one of the leading [Black] women

Sister Outsider

This piece reflects on and reacts to Audre Lorde's critique of racism within Lesbian communities, as well as her ideas about differences and connections that exist between Black and white feminisms.

The postcolonial exotic : marketing the margins

Travel writing, it has been said, helped produce the rest of the world for a Western audience. Could the same be said more recently of postcolonial writing? In The Postcolonial Exotic, Graham Huggan

What's to be done with gender and post-colonial studies?

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The Buddha of Suburbia

The winner of the Whitbread Best First Novel 1990, this is the story of Karim Amir, "an Englishman born and bred - almost", who lives with his English mother and Indian father in the South London

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'The world was made for man, but only the one-twelfth part of the man was made for women,' says the old physician, Sir Thomas Browne. 'If the lion had made the monument, things might have shown the

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This guide charts the shifting world of Jamaican music through its various incarnations from Ska to Ragga. Focussing on the artists, musicians and producers who made it all happen, it presents the

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Dread beat and blood. London: Bogle-L’Ouverture

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