‘Dominus dixit’

  title={‘Dominus dixit’},
  author={Jordan J. Ballor and Todd M. Rester},
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Abstract The article reviews Peter Martyr Vermigli’s hermeneutical principles outlined in his I Corinthians commentary and examines Martyr’s understanding of the authority of Scripture and the Church as contrasted with a Roman Catholic interlocutor, Stanislaus Hosius; it also analyzes two test cases in Vermigli’s loci that demonstrate a constructive and destructive use, respectively, of his hermeneutical principles. The demonstrations evaluate Vermigli’s positive statement of the doctrine of… 


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Peter Martyr Vermigli's distinctive blend of humanism, hebraism, and scholasticism constitutes a unique contribution to the scriptural hermeneutics of the Reformation. The Companion consists of 24
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As the political situation became increasingly difficult in the German Empire, with the Protestants more under threat, Peter Martyr Vermigli made the decision to accept the offer of refuge in
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In the last fifty years Peter Martyr Vermigli, as many other of the 'Reformers in the Wings', has been the object of an increasing number of in-depth studies. In re-considering the sources perhaps it
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Preface Dedication. In Memoriam: Heiko Augustinus Oberman, 1930-2001 Abbreviations Introduction: Nunc Peregrinus Oberrat - Peter Martyr in Context, Frank A. James III PART I. REFORMERS IN COMMUNITY
Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499-1562) and the outward instruments of divine grace
The Reformed exegete and theologian Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499-1562) was an unoriginal but consistent thinker. Theological insights were not packaged separately from each other, but consistently
Vermigli on Tradition and the Fathers: Patristic Perspectives from his Commentary on I Corinthians
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