‘Dads aren't Demons. Mums aren't Madonnas.’ Constructions of fatherhood and masculinities in the (real) Fathers 4 Justice campaign

  title={‘Dads aren't Demons. Mums aren't Madonnas.’ Constructions of fatherhood and masculinities in the (real) Fathers 4 Justice campaign},
  author={Ana Jordan},
  journal={Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law},
  pages={419 - 433}
  • Ana Jordan
  • Published 2009
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
Constructions of fatherhood are key signifiers of masculinity/ies and, in the context of a new politics of fatherhood, these constructions have been articulated in opposition both to motherhood and femininity/ies and to ideas of the ‘deadbeat dad’ (Collier 2006, Gavanas 2004, Kaye and Tolmie 1998). The fathers' rights movement has contributed to this redefinition of fatherhood. In the case of the UK group, Fathers 4 Justice, the central message is that ‘Dads aren't Demons [and] Mums aren't… Expand
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