‘Cultural Translation’ of Bharata Natyam into ‘Contemporary Indian Dance’. Second‐generation South Asian Americans and cultural politics in diasporic locations

  title={‘Cultural Translation’ of Bharata Natyam into ‘Contemporary Indian Dance’. Second‐generation South Asian Americans and cultural politics in diasporic locations},
  author={Ketu H. Katrak},
  journal={South Asian Popular Culture},
  pages={102 - 79}
This essay explores the phenomenon of Contemporary Indian Dance in the Southern California region. Practitioners create new choreography using contemporary, even feminist themes, basing their work on their training in the most popularly studied traditional classical dance style from India, namely Bharata Natyam along with other movement vocabularies such as modern dance, jazz, and yoga. Second‐generation involvement with popular cultural practices such as dance in the Southern California… Expand
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ness as a fluid concept. So abstractness is promoted as a consumption of an imagined ‘pastʼ juxtaposed with the ideals of artistic autonomy and self-discovery. In various presentations during theExpand
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Changing Traditions: South Asian Americans and Cultural/Communal Politics
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Also, see Sklar's excellent book, Dancing with the Virgin: Body and Faith in the Fiesta of Tortugas
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On Dance Ethnology
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Chatterjea is based at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and has several fine choreographed pieces with a feminist perspective such as
    Each culture expresses a different portion of the inner atlas; the complete human truth is global, and the theatre is the place in which the jigsaw can be pieced together
      See note 3 above for my essay on Agha Shahid Ali's uses of the ghazal in Catamaran: South Asian American Writing