‘Come into the Army, Maud’: Women, Military Conscription, and the Markham Inquiry

  title={‘Come into the Army, Maud’: Women, Military Conscription, and the Markham Inquiry},
  author={Jeremy A. Crang},
  journal={Defence Studies},
  pages={381 - 395}
  • J. Crang
  • Published 8 August 2008
  • History
  • Defence Studies
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Women, work, and the BBC: how wartime restrictions and recruitment woes reshaped the corporation, 1939-45.

During the Second World War, the BBC developed and grew as an organisation. Suddenly at the centre of communications between a country and its people, and Britain and the world, the BBC concentrated

Salvaging soldiers, comforting men

The chapter maps the nursing practices on active service overseas that recovered men including, body care, feeding work, the management of pain and support for the dying, and examines how the nurses managed these contradictions to develop an understanding of the critical role of fundamental nursing care.

Challenging nursing spaces

As the chapter argues it was the highly feminised home-maker work that created these spaces, which the nurses themselves credited to be an essential aspect to the healing process in which they were the critical performers.

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