‘By Wondrous Birth’: The Nativity of William Blake's ‘The Tyger’

  title={‘By Wondrous Birth’: The Nativity of William Blake's ‘The Tyger’},
  author={E. R. Freed},
  journal={English Studies in Africa},
  pages={13 - 32}
  • E. R. Freed
  • Published 2014
  • Philosophy
  • English Studies in Africa
Abstract This essay intends to demonstrate how Blake's pre-existing sketches in his ‘Notebook’ (henceforth [N]) influenced the composition of ‘The Tyger’. Blake drafted the poem amongst rough pencil drawings illustrating Milton's Paradise Lost (henceforth PL). The two sketches closest to the drafts of ‘The Tyger’ depict, respectively, Satan's encounter with the personifications of primeval Chaos and Night in PL II; and God's wrath at his foreknowledge, articulated in PL III, that Adam will… Expand


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