‘Breaking Bread with the Dead’: Elegies for Poets

  title={‘Breaking Bread with the Dead’: Elegies for Poets},
  author={Joanne Piavanini},


Travelling Memory
And indeed, after a two-decade frenzy of research, we have charted the sites of memory not only of France, but also of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States and – most recently,
Keats and English poetry
I long to feast upon old Homer as we have upon Shakespeare, and as I have lately upon Milton. Keats to Reynolds, 27 April 1818 Describing himself as “one who passes his life among books and thoughts
Poetry of Mourning: The Modern Elegy from Hardy to Heaney
From Langston Hughes's lynch poems to Sylvia Plath's father elegies, modern poetry has tried to find a language of mourning in an age of mass death, religious doubt and forgotten ritual. For this
New and Collected Poems
Richard Wilbur was invested as Poet Laureate of the United States in September 1987. This volume includes, in their entirety, the six earlier volumes of the author's poetry and in addition, 27 new
Letters of Ted Hughes
At the outset of his career Ted Hughes described letter writing as 'excellent training for conversation with the world', and he was to become a prolific master of this art which combines writing and
Wilfred Owen, Selected Poetry and Prose
A thoroughly annotated selection of the poems and prose of Wilfred Owen, which includes later non-war poems and prose such as the well known Preface and Choice of Letters.
Conjuring Bodies: Kofman's Lesson on Death
This spare, single-sentence paragraph opens Sarah Kofman’s final, unfinished essay, ‘Conjuring Death: Remarks on The Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Nicolas Tulp’ (1632), which was posthumously published