‘At All Costs Let Us Avoid Any Risk of Allowing Our Hearts to be Broken Again’: A Review of John Bowlby’s Forty-Four Juvenile Thieves

  title={‘At All Costs Let Us Avoid Any Risk of Allowing Our Hearts to be Broken Again’: A Review of John Bowlby’s Forty-Four Juvenile Thieves},
  author={A. Dixon},
  journal={Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry},
  pages={278 - 289}
  • A. Dixon
  • Published 2003
  • Psychology
  • Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry
In this classic study, Bowlby reports on 88 children seen in the London Child Guidance Clinic during the 1930s. Half of them were referred for stealing, and half for other problems. Bowlby distinguishes several factors which may lead to mal- adjustment, but was particularly concerned with the hypothesis that prolonged separation of the child from the mother in the early years was a causative factor in delinquent character formation. Such separation, thought Bowlby, was especially instrumental… Expand

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