‘And it was something we didn’t talk about’: Rape of Jewish Women during the Holocaust

  title={‘And it was something we didn’t talk about’: Rape of Jewish Women during the Holocaust},
  author={Helene J. Sinnreich},
  journal={Holocaust Studies},
  pages={1 - 22}
This article focuses on the sexual abuse of Jewish women by German men during the Holocaust. It rejects the myth that laws forbidding Rassenschande would prevent the rape of Jewish women and argues that genocidal conditions provided fertile soil for such abuses. It examines some of the reasons that scholars have shied away from discussing this issue. 

Thinking through the silence: theorizing the rape of Jewish males during the Holocaust through survivor testimonies

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This essay explores women's experiences with genocide in terms of participation, forms of victimization, and consequences, focusing on the relationship between women and the perpetration of genocide.

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