‘Amateurism’ as a Sociological Problem: Some Reflections Inspired by Eric Dunning

  title={‘Amateurism’ as a Sociological Problem: Some Reflections Inspired by Eric Dunning},
  author={Richard S. Gruneau},
  journal={Sport in Society},
  pages={559 - 582}
This essay revisits ‘amateurism’ as a sociological problem. The essay starts with a general overview of the social and cultural conditions which led to the emergence of amateurism in western sport as an ethos or social philosophy, a set of social, organizational and cultural practices, and as a broad social movement. I then explore a range of significant contradictions within amateurism both as an ideal and as a more concrete organizing principle in sport and examine the international export of… Expand
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Athleticism in the Victorian and Edwardian Public School (Review Essay)
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  • Medicine, Political Science
  • The International history review
  • 2001
Yeah, one that the authors will refer to break the boredom in reading is choosing athleticism in the victorian and edwardian public school as the reading material. Expand